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1/ I have inexplicably* fallen out of love with Hawaii 5-0, within the (relatively long, this time) pre-titles bit, in the exact scene that usually I would have adored. (Danno can't breathe! oh noes!) I didn't even bother watching the end of the episode. Instead I have been repeatedly rewatching the episodes of Leverage with Mark Sheppard in, cause Dr Who reminded me how much I love Mark Sheppard being rude and slightly evil.
*yes, inexplicably. i loved it even though it was awful, so why should it's awfulness make me not love it?

2/ I finished that shawl I was working on during Swancon & Comedy festival*, and in an effort to use the yarn I already own, am trying, but failing, to knit self-striping socks. SOCKS, WHY SO AWKWARD? I measured my leg, and am knitting to gauge, and yet these socks are too big even for Clare.
*conceiveably i will even wash and block and photograph it, and upload said photograph, but I wouldn't hold my breath. About the photography, anyway. I might be able to block it next week.

3/ In between getting frustrated at my knitting, to a soundtrack of Leverage Associates being frustrated by evil good guys, I am also being frustrated by hotel venues. How hard could it be to just open a hotel with function space for 200 people and, you know, run the con inside my own hotel? IT COULD WORK.

4/ Twinings Lemon Scented Black Tea comes from Woolworths, not Coles. Next time we run out, we will not panic about Coles' out of stockness, because we will remember that only Woolies seem to stock it. Of course, that will be a long time in the future, because we managed to buy three packages, and one lasts long enough for us to forget where it came from...

5/ I got my very first speeding fine. Trufax: it's from the apparently-dodgy according-to-the-herald-sun but not according-to-vicroads camera on Eastlink below the Wellington Rd bridge - but if I was indeed at Wellington Road at that time on a Friday morning I probably was speeding. Cause I would also be late for work.

6/ Occasionally Clare complains about my lj being "pick on emilly's housemate story!" but then she does things like go out when she's ill and buy a life size cardboard cutout of RPattz and put it in my bed.
6b/ RPattz is quite tall.
6c/ It was surprisingly hard to convince Clare she could take the day off. If I can hear you coughing from my room, you have a nasty cough. That means you can call in sick. If I can hear you coughing from my room AND you have pus in your throat, you need to go to the doctor, you crazy person, that's pretty much what doctors are for.

7/ I got carded! at the supermarket liquor store on a Wednesday at 5pm. Best part: the whole day, people were telling me I looked tired. Surely tired means i'd look older, not younger?

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